Getting Your Home Ready for Heavy Rains

If you live in one of those climates who has to endure heavy rains and damage to your home, we can help you water proof your home so that you don’t have to worry when it rains. One of the first things that you should do is caulk any cracks or leaks around windows or doors that would otherwise let the rain in. This is something that should be done every year. Hot sun in the summer can cause caulking to crack so before the rainy season hits then you should make your rounds.

Make a check of the trees that are on your property and pick up all of the dead branches and if you see any dead branches hanging, remove them before a storm hits with wind and these branches fall off. Another source of water build up is in the roof gutters, every three or four months you should clean out the gutters, leaves and branches could clog up the gutters and the water build up could actually rot out the roof making it susceptible for collapse.

If you have a swimming pool, try to lower the water level so when it rains the rainwater won’t overflow the pool area and cause some flooding. You should also check your sewer traps and make sure they plugged with check valves. These check valves will lead the water in only one direction so the water flows away from your home rather than inside of it. When you know you are expected a very heavy rain, if you have an automatic sprinkler, try to remember to turn off them off so you don’t flood out your lawn.

If you have a sump pump you should make sure it is working and you should have on hand sandbags and sand just in case you need them. Depending on where you live, fire departments will provide sandbags and you can go to the local masonry and buy some sand.

Any little bit helps when you are trying to protect your home even if it is from rain. Rain may not seem like a big deal but it can certainly do a lot of damage if you are not prepared.

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