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Buying real estate in the Toronto area: Why should you use an agent with the RECO and e-PRO certifications?

Buying a home? You’re probably wondering if your agent will be loyal to you exclusively, so you get the best possible deal.

And since you’re on the Internet, you want someone who is up-to-date: she can communicate with you by e-mail, and use all the Internet tools available to help you find and purchase your home.

The RECO and e-PRO certifications for REALTORS® were designed to ensure you’ll get what you need. Please visit for more information

As an RECO member, I am part Real Estate Council of Ontario. That means in any home purchase, I represent ONLY you. I am loyal ONLY to you. Not the seller. Not the lender. Not the inspector. No one but you.

And as an e-PRO, I am a certified Internet professional. I answer your e-mail promptly. I send you whatever you need over the Internet, for your convenience. And I use all the Internet tools available to help you find and purchase a home.

So how does all this benefit you?

You’ll find your home faster, and have more selection.
Research by the National Association of REALTORS® has shown that when a buyer’s agent is used, buyers find their home 1 week faster and examine 3 more properties than other consumers. And my Internet capability saves you even more time, because I can quickly get you the latest listings available.
You’ll get a better price.
As your exclusive agent, I will negotiate the best price for you, and only you. And as an e-PRO, I have access to more ways to find your home-so you’re more likely to find one that you can afford.
You’ll reduce your stress-and have peace of mind.
As your buyer’s agent, you’ll know I’m always there looking out for you. I’ll help you:
Determine how much you can afford
Locate homes that meet your criteria
Make an offer on the home you want
Negotiate with the seller
Complete all legal paperwork
Find lenders, inspectors, movers, and anything else you may need.
And with the Internet, I can e-mail you updates of newly listed homes, neighborhood info…and even legal paperwork. You can relax and know that your agent is taking care of everything.
“That all sounds great,” you may be thinking, “but how do I know it’s really true?”

My RECO and e-PRO designations are your proof positive that I will be a faithful, knowledgeable buyer’s agent-and that I’ll give you excellent service via the Internet.

Why? Because to even qualify for RECO status, I had to have a proven record of successful home purchases in which I’d represented the buyer. I then had to pass a comprehensive exam on the practical and legal aspects of buyer representation. And to retain my RECO designation, I must remain in good standing in my practice as a REALTOR® and RECO

To earn the e-PRO certification, I had to pass an intensive course on using the Web for real estate. To pass, I had to show I knew how to give clients what they needed on the Internet. That includes not only tools-such as virtual tours, automated e-mail notifications, and mortgage calculators-but on-line availability. I keep in touch, and can send you everything you need by e-mail.

Of course, the best way to prove my value to you is to give you my help. Why not drop me an e-mail now, and we can talk about your situation. I promise I’ll get back to you today.

The bottom line:

When you find the home of your dreams, the seller will likely be represented by an agent. To make sure you’re treated fairly at all times, you deserve to have your own agent. I’m here to save you time, money, and stress-by representing you exclusively and giving you all the help you need right over the Internet.

I wish you all the best, and a stress-free move!


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