Eight Steps to Replacing a Toilet

This may seem a bit difficult for some people but don’t let your imagination run away with you. Installing a toilet is not as hard as it seems. We can guide you step by step in helping you successfully install a toilet.

Step one: to remove the old toilet. Turn off the water that leads to the toilet. There is a valve that is located on a small pipe that runs in the bottom left side of the tank. Then flush the water to get rid of most of the water in the tank. If you forget this part you will end up with water everywhere.

Step two: Remove the tubing from the water supply that runs to the toilet tank. Take off the bolts in the bottom of the tank that connects the toilet to the tank.

Step three: take off the caps that are located on the bottom of the toilet and also remove the toilet flanges, you may have a hard time removing them because they may become corroded . Use a hacksaw or a rotary tool to take them off if you have trouble.

Step four: Rock the toilet bowl gently from side to side, you will break the seal on the bottom but that is ok. After the seal breaks, lift the toilet up and remove from the bathroom. Then clean the wax from the toilet flange and clean up the area if needed.

Step five: Install new toilet flange bolts in the holes on each side of the flange. Now, lower the new toilet onto the wax ring and make sure the bolts line up on both sides. Push down on the toilet and squeeze the wax ring so it allows the seal to become water tight.

Step six: If the toilet rocks slightly place shims under the toilet. Next put the washers and the nuts on the flange that sticks out and then tighten until they are secure. Make sure that you do not tighten too much because they will crack.

Step seven: Next attach the toilet tank, you will need 2 bolts with rubber washers inside the tank and a rubber gasket that goes between the tank and the toilet.

Step eight: Now, reconnect the water supply to the base of the toilet tank and turn on the water. Make sure that nothing leaks. To finish up, change the toilet seat and put on the tank cover.

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